Fibreglass Protection

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Keeping your fibreglass marine craft in top shape can be difficult when you've had a long enjoyable day out on the water.

However, a few minutes work each time you take your jet ski, boat or vessel out of the water can help protect its fibreglass shell.

While it sounds simple, a wash to get rid of debris and a protective cover can extend the life of your fibreglass for many years. Just like polishing your car, a good fibreglass polish can also help protect your watercraft from the sun, retarding UV damage to the gelcoat. Many of the newer marine polishes protect both the gelcoat and painted surfaces.

When a boat begins to oxidise, the hull is at the mercy of the elements and risks greater damage from water penetration. You can easily spot an oxidised surface. It will have lost its shine and appear dull, or chalky and may be pitted.

Sometimes a simple oxidation removing compound and a polish will have your craft looking like new again. Long term damage, however, can require a professional restoration project to remove the oxidation and the application of a new gelcoat.

The experts at Nu-Wave Marine can advise the best option to protect your vessel.