As well as providing a professional fibreglass repair service for boats, jet skis, canoes, trucks, caravans and outriggers, Nu-Wave Marine also supplies fibreglass materials direct to the public. For those clients that prefer to DIY, we offer quality materials and advice for your fibreglass projects.
We offer the following fibreglass supplies:
Acetone is mainly used as a clean-up solvent in fibreglass manufacturing, and should be used before applying resins to your project. Ideal for cleaning brushes used for fibreglass purposes.
Buffing And Polishing Tools — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Buffing and Polishing Compounds:
To produce a high-gloss shine on your fibreglass surface, be sure to choose one of our buffing compounds and polishers. These products are used once the fibre-glassing component has been completed.
Resin Kit — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Clear Casting Resin Kits:
Resins cure to a high-strength plastic by combining two main chemicals. This ensures that the product sets at room temperature. Our clear casting kits are ideal for small projects.
Fiberglass Mat — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Chopped Strand Fibreglass Mat:
Chopped strand mats have strands of similar lengths of glass that have been compressed to provide strength when combined with resin. Mats are available in different densities, so ask us for advice on the correct one for your needs.
Fiberglass Cloth — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Woven Fibreglass Cloth:
These lightweight cloths provide a smooth finish and are known for their minimised particle emission. Ideal for construction and repair, these cloths are frequently used for mould making.
Gelcoating — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Used to provide a high-quality finish on fibreglass surfaces, gelcoat also acts as a barrier against water seepage. It can also be used to protect against UV damage and is widely used in marine work.
Resin — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Polyester Resin:
Resin starts out in liquid form, before adding a hardener to ensure it cures at room temperature. The curing process will only occur if applied to a completely clean and dry surface, and if the correct ratio of resin and hardener is used.