Nu-Wave Marine are Townsville's fibreglass specialists. We can provide custom-made fibreglass components to suit individual needs. From repairs to custom moulded pieces, be sure to contact us to discuss your vision, so we can create it for you. Our jet ski and fibreglass boat repair service provides quality workmanship on all jobs, whether large or small.

Boat — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Fibreglass Boat Repairs

Fibreglass boats are known for being durable, strong and virtually maintenance free. Problems such as rotting can occur on the transom of the boat, as this is where the most modification normally occurs. Freshwater seepage (from collected rain or hose-outs) can start the rotting process.

Fractures or splits can occur following collisions with other objects, and can lead to rotting much more quickly as they are usually much larger.

Nu-Wave Marine specialise in fibreglass composite boat repairs and alterations, providing quality workmanship for your pride and joy. We use the highest-grade materials to carry out repair or alteration work on your watercraft.

Jet Ski — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Jet Ski Repairs

Nu-Wave Marine can assist you with repairs of all sizes to all brands of jet skis. Jet ski hulls, in particular, often require work from continual abrasion from being beached on coarse surfaces or from collisions.

From scratches to cracks, we can assist you with repairing your jet ski so that it looks like new. Our service covers everything from paint touch-ups to complete re-sprays and fibreglass reinforcements. The team at Nu-Wave have the equipment and knowledge to carry out any delicate repairs needed for your jet ski.

We can also provide quotes on any repairs and we expertly carry out insurance work on jet skis.

Custom Component — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Custom Components

We can assist you in putting together custom components for a whole range of requirements. While our specialty is marine products, we also look after fibreglass components for caravans and trucks.

As well as creating custom-designed plugs and walk-through transoms, we can also mould and build an outboard pod to suit your boat. Or if you desire a swim board for your new boat, we can consult with you on the exact requirements, before creating the perfect piece for you.

For trucks, we can build fibreglass floors, bonnets, nose cones and spoilers; while caravan owners can come to us for bumper bars, shower bases and wheel arch creation.

Speed Boat — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Fibreglass Protection

To eliminate any problems you may encounter with traditional fibreglass, Nu-Wave Marine offer a range of fibreglass protection options.

Pollution, salt, bird droppings and exposure to sunlight will all have an affect on your fibreglass coating, yet these things are hard to avoid when boating. To ensure your watercraft is protected, a regular maintenance schedule is recommended.

The staff at Nu-Wave Marine can apply specialty fibreglass protection products with their purpose-made equipment, restoring that showroom shine. We also stock a range of buffing and polishing compounds for customers that prefer to DIY, and we can advise you on the best way to apply these products.

Gelcoat — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Gelcoat repairs

At some point in your ownership, you will notice signs of wear and stress to your boat, canoe, kayak or jet ski.

Nu-Wave Marine handles all repairs, including small scratches, grazes and gouges right through to large collisions. Gelcoat repairs are an extremely common repair request and we are experts in the technique.

The process of repairing gelcoat depends on the amount of damage to the area. Much like a car, surface scratches can normally be buffed out with a polishing compound and the right tools. For deeper scratches, filling is necessary to ensure a smooth surface to work with.

Stringer — Repairs in Garbutt, QLD
Stringer Repairs

One of the most common jobs required for boats is fixing a damaged stringer. Each repair situation will require its own individual remedy, so we carefully assess each one before recommending the best approach.

In many cases, stringer rot and transom rot go hand-in-hand, so we often have to carry out a full inspection before beginning any work. Stringer rot is generally associated with powerboats, simply because of the force these boats are exposed to.

As stringer rot can sometimes require comprehensive replacements or rebuilding, Nu-Wave Marine are the experts at carrying out these types of repairs. Our experienced team will advise you on the process involved with stringer repairs for your boat, before undertaking any extensive work.